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Your strong partner for environmental protection

You love nature and you’d like to make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment? DB Schenker offers you the opportunity to do just that — after all, green solutions are our top priority.

We implement numerous measures that are designed to achieve our climate protection targets and make us the ecology pioneer in our industry!

  • Integrity: All CO2 calculations and assessment tools are based on the current EN16258 standard. This ensures the greatest possible transparency for emissions data.
  • Commitment: Our reporting methods are in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact, and we disclose our environmental data to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and EcoVadis. We participate in several consortia and CO2-reporting initiatives such as EcoTransIT World, the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), and the Air Carbon Initiative (ACI).
  • Monitoring: We closely monitor our preferred carriers and ensure their efficiency improvements are reflected in our customers’ CO2 footprints and in our own CO2 balance sheet calculations. We use only the most environmentally sound shippers and haulers when carrying out CO2 reduction projects.
  • Performance: DB Schenker is best-in-class in terms of its routine ocean freight operations. We’ve also been able to reduce our ground-transport CO2 emissions by around 30 percent through the application of customer-specific solutions and by combining transport modes.
  • Vehicles and employees: More than 50 percent of our truck fleet and the fleets operated by our haulage partners in Southeastern Europe are rated higher than the Euro 4 emission standard. All of our drivers have completed Eco-Driving training programs.
  • Consulting: We offer customer-specific solutions and assistance with the latest tools and methods for reducing, preventing, and compensating for CO2 emissions.

Last modified: 24.11.2014

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