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A legmodernebb számítási módszereket alkalmazva gyűjtjük és értékeljük környezetvédelmi teljesítményünk adatait.

DB Schenker collects environmental data on its ground, rail, air, and ocean freight transport operations, its contract logistics activities, and its logistics facilities (locations). This data includes figures on air pollutants and all relevant greenhouse gases as described in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

The calculations for our current ecological footprint are being carried out in the same manner as in previous years (since 2007). All relevant data is collected by our

corporate environmental competence team. The data is then processed and analyzed in cooperation with the INFRAS consulting group, which helped draw up the EN 16258 European standard for calculating greenhouse gas emissions of freight and passenger transport services. The CO2 footprint calculated will therefore meet the requirements of both the ISO 14064-1 and EN 16258 standards.

The total CO2 emissions produced by DB Schenker Logistics amounted to approximately 15.6 million metric tons in 2012 (well-to-wheel = indirect and direct emissions). The emissions can be broken down as follows:

DB Schenker Logistics CO2-Emissionen, DB Schenker

A summary of all of our environmental protection activities can be found in our Environment Brochure, which is published annually. We have also produced a film about environmental protection that provides a very good overview of the measures we’ve taken for our different modes of transport, our contract logistics activities, and our stationary facilities.

Last modified: 10.09.2015

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