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A DB Schenker számára a környezetvédelem nem csak egy divatos jelszó, hanem konszernszintű célkitűzés. Folyamatosan azon dolgozunk, hogy csökkentsük széndioxid – kibocsátásunkat, s ezen a téren komoly kihívást jelentő célokat tűztünk ki magunk elé.

For example, we plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent from 2006 levels by the year 2020 (with regard to transport volume).

DB Schenker’s global logistics network allows us to pursue an integrated approach to environmental protection that in turn enables us to offer our customers solutions that make the most economic and ecological sense. In particular, our ability to link different modes of transport intelligently opens up huge possibilities to reduce CO2 emissions.

The measures employed by DB Schenker to achieve its climate protection goals also include:

  • The provision of innovative green solutions that help ease the burden on the environment
  • The implementation of measures to enhance energy efficiency
  • The expansion of the use of renewable energy sources in order to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels

We conduct extensive discussions with our customers to determine which measures can be used to reduce their CO2 emissions, and where such measures should be applied. We also identify internal measures that DB Schenker can implement in order to reduce emissions even further. Our customers benefit from the climate-friendly solutions we offer — solutions that make it easier for them to achieve their own climate protection goals.

Last modified: 10.09.2015

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